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Scratch Your Nugs Is Back!

Our popular Instant Win Game is back! Scratch Your Nugs is an instant win game that gives you the chance to win your refund (shipping paid is not included as part of “win your refund”) and other great prizes! Here’s how it works. Each order will get a game piece supplied with their order. (To […]

Getting To Know Our Family of Tinctures

One of the most common questions we get is, “What’s the difference between your tinctures?” It’s a great question because we have three different kinds of tinctures with a total of 7 different potencies. First of all, all our tinctures are made with Co2 extracted oil. That’s important because using the subcritical (Liquid Co2) extraction […]

Understanding Our Terpene Profiles

Currently, we have 28 different terpene profiles across 4 different categories. One of the most common questions we get is, “what’s the difference between them?” 28 does seem a little overboard but for those that really know what they are looking for in their terpenes they are able to dial in their experience. This post […]

A new definition of hard work.

The new facility requires a fence around it. We figured we would save here and do that ourselves. 68 poles each 12 feet long for a total of 544 feet. We have a post hole auger on our tractor so it shouldn’t be a problem. Wrong. Most of it wasn’t a problem but about 12 […]

Starting to see something familiar!

It grows like a weed! Very quickly these plants go from little seedlings to branching out into big plants. The iconic 5 blade leaves are already on most of the plants and some are even starting to push 9. It got a little too hot over the weekend so some started to curl their leaves. […]

Not all water is created equal!

Not all water is created equal! Well maybe it’s created equal but that doesn’t mean that it stays that way. Simple tap water has things added to it to help in water treatment and to help maintain the cities pipes etc. So we bring in our own water from the farm. At the farm, we […]

Stage 2

The babies are now toddlers! After not much time they needed to be transplanted into their temporary housing. When we have the space in the future they will germinate in these 3qt planters but for now, we have to start them in pete pellets because without the germination rate being 100% we just don’t have […]

Super Soil!

We get organic soil custom made from a local nursery. Custom made? Mixed I guess. We require a certain PH level and certain types of nutrients and compost. They mix it up for us and we run some tests before they deliver. They have always been awesome to work with! The secret ingredient? Mushroom compost. […]

Germination week!

Germination week! We got sprouts coming up like crazy! Our germination rate has been great this year too! We are really excited to get these babies turning into teens! In their little planter pellets, they grow really fast but are incredibly sensitive to drying out so they take lots of care, even coming in on […]

Excavating is done.

The excavator guys finished up their work and we now have an empty canvas to work with. With ditches cut for drainage and some of the trees removed, we are ready to turn up the heat! We really hated to cut down this sycamore tree but it was leaning the wrong way and also cast […]