Understanding Our Terpene Profiles

Currently, we have 28 different terpene profiles across 4 different categories. One of the most common questions we get is, “what’s the difference between them?”

28 does seem a little overboard but for those that really know what they are looking for in their terpenes they are able to dial in their experience.

This post is meant to help you with that.

The 4 different categories of terpene profiles we have are:

-Hemp Strains

-Cannabis Terps

-Fully Involved

-Fruit Terps

Let me explain each category a little more so you understand the differences between them.


Our hemp strains were some of the first terpene profiles that we offered. The hemp strain terpenes are natural and organic but they are botanically derived. This means that they come from natural organic plants but that they don’t actually come from hemp. So why are they called hemp strains? This is because we took the terpene profile from our popular hemp strains and duplicated it. Each profile is a copy of the terpenes that they hemp flower has in it.

Our Hemp Strains Are:


Cannabis Terps are the terpenes taken directly from the cannabis plant. The profile is the exact same and the cannabis strain because it is the terpenes from that strain. None of the THC is extracted with the terpenes so they are legal of course but they have the same taste and smell as the popular cannabis strains. You’ll notice these cost a little more because it’s much more expensive to take the terpenes from actual cannabis instead of an orange for example. It’s a great way to get an excellent CBD product that has the same taste and terpene effects as the cannabis counterpart.

Our Cannabis Terps Are:


Fully involved is a terpene blend that is natural, organic, and botanically derived. They are the profiles of popular cannabis strains but they are amped up a little more in their flavor. Terpenes by nature aren’t flavors. They have an aroma and some taste but they aren’t flavors. These profiles are formulated to have more taste while also maintaining the effects of the strains they are duplicating.

Our Fully Involved Terps Are:


Fruit flavored terps are natural, organic, and botanically derived but they don’t represent any specific hemp or cannabis profile. Instead, these are formulated first with taste in mind. So the terpenes for Green Apple taste like a Green Apple and it has an up or a down effect. Sativa or Indica. We don’t get into that right now but for the sake of brevity we will stick with Sativa is good for daytime and indica is good for nighttime.

Our Fruit Flavored Terps Are:

Hopefully, that helps clear up any confusion between different terpene profiles!

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