A new definition of hard work.

The new facility requires a fence around it. We figured we would save here and do that ourselves.

68 poles each 12 feet long for a total of 544 feet. We have a post hole auger on our tractor so it shouldn’t be a problem. Wrong. Most of it wasn’t a problem but about 12 of our holes couldn’t be dug because of thick rock that we kept hitting. The auger just wouldn’t cut it. Days went by trying to crack this nut! So finally, we got out the backhoe and figured we would get them at least started through the rock. That worked for about 4 of our last 12 holes but then even the backhoe couldn’t get through!

We had to run to the hardware store and rent a hammer drill and bit set so we could drill it out, then jackhammer the rock out! Finally, we got all the poles set! What should have been a three-day project turned into 2 weeks!

A big vein of this went right down the fence line. After broken up it looked pretty cool with a bluish color but it was sure hard to get through!


Finally, after many long days, we have all the posts set! Well, most of them.

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